Elite Court Experts | Robert Royce
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Robert P. Royce is an acknowledged court expert in the subject matter of Human Trafficking and has over three decades of experience in the criminal justice system. He has testified as an expert witness in numerous counties throughout California. Mr. Royce has been recognized as the one of the only court qualified experts in Human Trafficking who offers his services to both the prosecution and the defense in the United States. Mr. Royce understands all aspects of human trafficking associated with minors and adults. Mr. Royce has provided training to public defender’s offices and other groups in the criminal justice system. Mr. Royce is a licensed private investigator and has conducted investigations on over 400 murder cases, 2 serial murder cases, 30 organized crime cases and over 4000 felony cases. Mr. Royce has a clear understanding of the criminal underworld and those who have chosen to live and work in it.

Robert Royce