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Michael L. Jones is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Evidence Legal Video Services; a full-service legal video and litigation support firm located in Southern California.


Mr. Jones is a court-qualified expert in the discipline of audio and video evidence, and has over 40 years experience as an audio and video expert.


Prior to founding Digital Evidence in 2001, Mr. Jones produced, directed, videotaped, and edited award-winning documentaries, news stories, and high-profile investigative segments for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and WB Television Networks and their affiliates for over 29 distinguished years.


Mr. Jones’ firm is appointed by State and Federal Courts to conduct forensic audio and video evidence analysis, and enhancements during criminal matters in California.


The Los Angeles County Superior Court appointed Mr. Jones to its Panel of Expert Witnesses in 2009, and he provides testimony in courts of law regarding complex audio and video evidence.


Digital Evidence is contracted to provide high-tech audio and video evidence discovery for presentation during civil litigation and criminal matters, both locally and nationally. In addition, the firm video records depositions, conditional examinations, mock trials, site inspections, and incident re-enactments; produces mediation video presentations, and provides a broad range of high-tech discovery solutions to its distinguished clientele.


Practitioners in California, New York, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina have retained the “tech-savvy” firm’s services.


Mr. Jones’ firm conducts witness preparation workshops to prepare expert witnesses for video deposition proceedings. The workshops assist experts with enhancing their testifying skills by providing remedial measures, and safeguards to help experts avoid latent pitfalls that are exclusive to video deposition proceedings nationwide.


Michael is a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association, and has served on the faculty during the association’s nation convention. In 2007, Mr. Jones was appointed to the Board of The American Guild of Court Videographers, the nation’s leader in training professional Videographers in all aspects of forensic videography.


During the summer of 2009 and 2011, Mr. Jones served on the faculty of the Arizona Public Defender Association’s statewide conference in Tempe, Arizona. Mr. Jones’ curriculum focused on the acquisition and preservation of audio and video evidence, forensic audio and video evidence analysis, enhancements, and expert testimony during trial.


Mr. Jones’ firm is approved by The State Bar of California as a Provider of MCLE Accredited Activity. The CLE seminars entitled; “The High-Tech Universe of Litigation,” and “Discovery in the High-Tech Legal Arena,” is designed to assist attorneys and other legal professionals with strategic audio and video evidence applications during discovery, mediation, and trial. The firm provides technical support to some of the nation’s top executives during corporate crisis incidents.


Michael is the recipient of two Golden Mic Awards, presented by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. He won his first Golden Mic Award in the category of “Best Hard News Videography” for a Fox Undercover mini-documentary, which he videotaped and co-produced. As a Director of Photography with the Fox Television Network, Mr. Jones was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of “Best Videography on a Breaking News Story.” Further, he was cited repeatedly for superior service during his tenure with the Fox Television Network in Hollywood, California.


Mr. Jones won his second Golden Mic Award in the category of “Best Live Coverage of a Breaking News Story,” while co-producing a high-profile news segment for the WB Television Network.


During his tenure with the powerhouse ABC-owned-and-operated television station KABC-TV in Hollywood, California, Michael’s exemplary camera work helped the network win an Emmy Award for “Best Live Coverage of a Breaking News Story.”


Prior to the election of President Barack Obama, Mr. Jones was assigned by the broadcast Networks and their affiliates to provide televised coverage of every United States President since the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.


For nearly 30-years, Mr. Jones’ award-winning production and post-production work was showcased on ABC News’ “World News Tonight” and “Nightline,” ABC-TV’s “Wide World of Sports,” NBC-TV’s “Today Show,” “The CBS Evening News, with Dan Rather,” CBS News’ “Up-to-the-Minute,” “The Fox News Channel,” “The NFL On Fox,” and “Fox Undercover.”


Mr. Jones is the author of the forthcoming book, “Costly and Fatal Mistakes Committed by Expert Witnesses During Video Deposition Proceedings.” ©

Michael L. Jones