Elite Court Experts | Gregorio Estevane
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Gregorio ‘Greg’ Estevane, P.I:J.D.  is a criminal trial gang expert witness-having testified as ‘a top gang expert’ in California, Nevada courts nearly 100 times / a defense trial investigator panel member and recognized investigative expert on gangs, death penalty trials, murder, mafias and drug cartels statewide in California to the infamous and lovely Tijuana, Mexico. Mr. Estevane is a current licensed Private Investigator. Mr. Estevane is an author “The Re-Evolution of American Street Gangs” (Amazon), lecturer, writer, explorer, teacher and researcher in the area of gangs, criminal investigations and other areas.  Mr. Estevane, a former Chair/Dean of the School of Criminal Justice College, built an ‘all star cast’ of adjunct staff of adjunct professors from: a sitting Calif. Judge, Public Defenders, defense investigators, defense experts and other constitutionally minded. Mr. Estevane’s Bachelor degree is from the University of California at Riverside. His doctorate degree (Juris Doctorate [J.D.]) was earned at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, CA.. Mr. Estevane remains an engaged grateful, humble student of life-on a limited basis-like everyone else;)

Gregorio Estevane